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The Late Night "Let's Be 'Good' Hosts" Poll

For those of you who haven't quite figured it out yet, here's a hint: some sbn hockey blogs are more equal than others. And one of the most equaler of them all is the Fear the Fin site.

Yes, they have decided to ignore the whole 'teal means you're telling your parents without actually saying the words' thing and they have somehow managed to embrace the inclusion of orange into their team colors and the inclusion of Dan Snyder's killer onto their team, but still, they're pretty much awesome over there.

Well, a few weeks ago they started discussing their plans for road-tripping around the NHL this season. During said discussion I may or may have not (records on the internet are very difficult to verify) have said that if they come to St. Louis for the Blues/Sharks game on Nov. 14th that we might:

  1. make sure you have so much fun you decide that going to Chicago would be a letdown and just stay local
  2. burn this whole place down in your honor

Like I said, the exact translation has been lost to history. However, if/when our buddies from FTF show up here, just how hectic might it get, late night crew?