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Saturday Links: Mighty Fleury has Struck Out Edition

I wish it was time to start the regular season already!

Until then, links will have to do.

Blues News:

  • Game Time International Correspondent Dr. Frankentweed broke the story first, but in case you missed it, Darryl Sydor inked a one year deal.
  • Get to know the softer side of Andy Murray.
  • Blues are in Dallas tonight. Game will be on KMOX at 7PM.

NHL News:

  • Theo Fleury falls victim to the easiest part of any coaching job (according to Homer Simpson), the cut. Think he'll sign elsewhere?
  • Seriously, Toews, lighten the fuck up. He's trying to stare a hole through me by way of a magazine cover.
  • Brian Burke wants to win at the Olympics through old fashioned violence. Blues hero David Backes pictured in the article by...the Wall Street Journal? Apparently so.
  • Last night's scores. Wings lose!
  • Tonight's action. Let's go beat Dallas!
  • Rob Niedermayer goes to New Jersey. In Lou We Trust (I don't, for the record, trust Lou at all) discusses.

Other Stuff:

  • Poop Report. You heard me. (Thanks, Angst vorm Nichts)
  • A picture gallery of funny police blotter clippings. Some criminals are just too dumb for words.
  • This link combines the IKEA with Craigslist, iced tea, and "self-gratification." Confused? You're not alone.
  • As a big fan of The Office, I always appreciate a good pearl of wisdom from Dwight Schrute.


This video sums us up pretty well.

In the event that the video doesn't play, here's the link to see it on YouTube.

And an extra video for good measure after the jump.

Man, I love me some Simpsons.


See you tomorrow. Gametimelinks (at)