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Sunday Links: We Want (Fake) Blizzards Edition

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Blues News:

  • David Backes says Technoviking has "scary skill"
  • The preseason power play provided plenty of pop last night. 5-0 good guys.
  • In case you somehow missed the Fanpost section. Liut! and WpgMikos link to previews from Puck Daddy and Illegal Curve.

NHL News:

Other Stuff:


Two videos today (Sometimes I spoil you all, y'know)

First up, is a combination of wrasslin' and gamblin. WOOOO! (Good find, Brad O'Neal)

Second, for the women of GT, compare and debate the merits of creepiness of these "eligible" bachelors.

Averagejoe returns for Monday, Tuesday, and beyond. Send good finds his way at gametimelinks (at)