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Wednesday links: Celebrating the end of the fake season edition

Blues news

  • In the last game of the fake season, the Blues beat Linkoping 6-0 on international (bigger) ice. [AP]
  • The Blues are expecting to win this year. [ESPN]
  • Chris Kerber is taking pics in Sweden. Care to take a look? [Blues]
  • Alex Steen is returning "home." [Blues]
  • The Blues are treating the trip as all business. [Blues]
  • Oshie is a popular name for animals. []
  • The organization's other TJ, T.J. Fast, is going to Alaska. []
  • Were you aware that Patrik Berglund is from Sweden?[]

Hockey news

  • Zurich beat the Blackhawks 2-1. Things are going well for the Blackhawks. [TSN]
  • Robert Lang is going to Phoenix, of Hamilton whatever. The point is, he's going to be a Coyote. [TSN]
  • Who will be wearing the captains 'C' for Toronto and Montreal? [TSN]
  • SB Nation's newest hockey blog looks at reported shot distances vs. actual -- way cooler than it sounds. [Behind the Net]
  • Cody Hodgson was back to juniors after appearing to have a roster spot nailed down in Vancouver. [Nucks Misconduct]
  • Looks like WIM has hired some new bloggers. Do they have more writers than commenters?  [Winging it in Motown]
  • ESPN power rankings ... ummm what? [ESPN]

Other links

  • Want to play some online games but still look like you're working? Enjoy. [Can't You See I'm Busy]
  • Got a quiz for you. I got a perfect score. See if you can beat me. [sporcle]
  • Guy makes girl dating profile, hilarity ensues. [No First Date]


EDIT: So I wasn't aware that I was sent in a video that just ran this weekend. My bad. Here's a new one.

Enjoy. Gametimelinks(at)