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Blues Desktop Wallpaper For October


Yes, we're bringing back the Blues-themed wallpapers for the season. Huge thank you to our friend Derrick the designer (who's always available for freelance work) for the look of the thing and to the official photographer of Game Time, A.J. D'Angelo for providing images. Damn that GT logo is big. I love it.

So you should know the drill. Go to the links below, right click, set as desktop, begin awesomeness at work while the guy in the next cube over has pictures of his dog or car or drooling kids.

Go here for the standard screen size image.


Go here for the wide screen size image.   

And the city names are all spelled correctly.

Now all we need is for the season to start Friday. Come back Thursday for new stuff all day and then game time is Friday at 2 p.m. St. Louis time. Be even more unproductive at work with our much recommended Game Day Thread. You can say shit and stuff.