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Wednesday links: Welcome to Peoria, Mr. Armstrong edition

Man doing the links two days in a row is tough. Hope you enjoy.

Blues news

  • I really hope Alex Pietrangelo doesn't become a douche who dates super models and hurts his knee. [Blues]
  • The bearded one, Chris Mason, will be on the radio tonight. [Blues]
  • The Blues are enthused. So am I. Hockey is back. []
  • Want to know about "wealthy Aboriginal hockey stars set for National Hockey League training camps to open?" Click here. Oh and Dwayne (D.J.) King is included. [Grassroots News]
  • Stuff you know: Derek Armstrong is a Blue. [Belleville News-Democrat]
  • Don't worry too much about Armstrong, looks like hes heading to Peoria. []

Hockey news

  • It's the NHL vs. Jim Balsillie. Please, Hockey God, make it stop. [TSN]
  • Oh how far Sister Christian Backman has fallen. []
  • I don't understand why there is so much talk about Phil Kessel, a player out until December. Let him prove he's healthy before giving him a fat, long-term deal. [TSN]
  • William "Boots" Del Baggio III, former owner of the Predators, is going to a federal-pound-me-in-the-ass prison. [TSN]
  • Judging by his mugshot, don't fuck with the new Senior Vice President and Director of Officiating Terry Gregson. [TSN]
  • Should we get together and buy this? []
  • Dany Heatley is going to Ottawa. Will he whine on the way there? [SLAM! Sports]
  • Patrick Roy's son will stand trial for assault DURING a hockey game. [ESPN]
  • Nikolai Zherdev to the Thrashers? Are they trying to win? Why start now. [Bird Watchers Anonymous]
  • Pavol Demitra is hurt? I'm shocked. [Nucks Misconduct]

Other links

  • This made me laugh way, way too much. The difference between white people and black people. [The Chive]
  • Gotta love doodles. [Doodurls]
  • Wanna step into a Slim Jim? You sure about that? [Wired]
  • This applies to me a little too well. []


Holy shit this is the coolest dog ever.

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That's it for today. Gametimelinks(at) Send us stuff. PLEASE come back later. Gallagher comes out of hibernation. Don't miss it.