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Friday links: Happy New Year! edition

I'm typing this at 5 p.m. on Thursday. Nothing has happened yet, but I'm getting off work in about an hour and then driving to a friend's party. You know what that means, friends: crappy links! Happy hangover day!

Blues news

Hockey news

  • The last results of 2009. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Two games ring in 2010. You may have heard about one of them. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • The Yanks and the Nucks meet up Thursday night in the World Jrs. This should have the results. If not, look around the net. Someone will have it. [TSN]
  • It snowed at Fenway Park while the teams were practicing. Awesome. [TSN]
  • Team America (FUCK YEAH!) will get announced tomorrow. ESPN's experts see Erik Johnson and David Backes getting a call. Frosted Tips (a.k.a T.J. Oshie) will have to stay home. [ESPN]
  • The NHL may have a weather plan in place for tomorrow's big game. [ESPN]
  • The Bruins' goalies will have new masks for the big game. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

Other links

  • This is going to get annoying. But I do agree, saying twenty ten makes more sense. [twentynot2000]
  • Tiny technology will doom us all! [Cracked]
  • Hope none of you got drunk and got a dope tat last night. [Ink Art Tattoos]
  • This should keep you entertained. [Yep Yep]


Happy New Year! Remember when the Blues won two in Sweden? Good times.

Haven't made a New Year's Resolution? I have an idea: Send more stuff to gametimelinks(at) Poor College Student will be here tomorrow. Send him stuff.