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How Many Goals Is Enough? Certainly Not Three.

With the power of the SBNation (not to be confused with, which hates us) behind us, as we write new posts on this site, we have a few AP photos at our disposal to use. We might have a handful per game or sometimes just a couple. All told, there are 12 photos suggested for our new stories and then we can go back in time and see more. Why do I bring this nonsense up, you ask? Because right now, of the 12 suggested photos for use with a story about the St. Louis Blues, five of them show players from other teams celebrating goals.


I don't want to recap my entire editor's article from tonight, so I'll just say it like this: I'm all done whining about this team and all done being pissed off when I watch yet another home game leave streaks on my bowl before it disappears down the hole. This has gotten flat-out laughable.

Even when the Blues had a three goal lead and were outplaying the Canucks in every phase of the game I knew it wasn't over. Then, when the Canucks scored that goal in the second to make it 3-1 I actually said to a buddy of mine, "This is how it happens. Now they'll get one early in the third, we'll play scared and they'll have all period to tie it up."


Then, 22 seconds into the overtime, No. 22 gets a four-minute double-minor to give the Canucks the entire OT to score on a 4-on-3.


Fact of the matter is that this is still a promising team... in general. In the future, maybe as soon as next year, they'll be good. They'll win games they're supposed to win, be tough to beat at home, compete like mad on the road and shock better teams who ease up on them.

But if you think , like players on the team seem to, that they can flip a switch and repeat last year's second-half run, well, you've gotten more opimistic than me, and I'm usually the last one to admit that it's over for the season. This year, however, everyone is afraid to make a move. I don't think that any of the youngsters should be traded and I don't think any of the older guys are going to bring anything back in trade that helps this year's team. I think that someone has decided to stand by Andy Murray for better or worse, even though worse started about a month ago.

But whatever, this year's team wants to be a joke and play punchline game after punchline game, so be it. I'll laugh along with them.

No highlights tonight and just one post-game interview, courtesy of a man only slightly less whiny and emo than our own players, Morrisey (as interpreted by some signing depressed man in a cloak):