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Blue Clothing @ Blues GDT

When the Blues and the Blue Jackets get together, we must remind you of two things.

The first is that Columbus was the poor team on the schedule as the last home game of the season last year when the Blues clinched their first playoff bearth since Chris Pronger was on the team. That was one of the best nights at the Drinkscotch Center in its history. The second is when Rick Nash got Oshied in back-to-back games last season. One hit that dislodged the puck and another where Oshie was protecting himself from a revenge-seeking Nash and a heart throb was born.

So we'll be watching every time Nash is on the ice with the little ball of hate with frosted tips. Even though we don't expect The Hit Volume Three, This Time It's Personal. That stuff is spontaneous and that's why it's so fucking cool when it happens.

Expect Keith Tkachuk minus four teeth and the recently concussed Paul Kariya to return to the lineup while Andy McDonald is healing his mid-body injury. I hope it's not his spleen.

Now for the part of the GDT where I talk about something totally unrelated and you ignore it. I love cereal. I'm eating a bowl right now, Honey Nut Cheerios. Now I think the best cereal of all time could be Fruity Pebbles. Or Cap'n Crunch. You know that Cinammon Toast Crunch can't be beat. Now if you're going to throw a banana or strawberries or blueberries in the bowl, it's Frosted Flakes. No marshmallows. No raisins. No bran.

Pour the milk, settle in and get ready to fill the comments up with toasty oat goodness. This is your game day thread. Dig in.