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Wednesday links: So wait, the Blues can win at home? That's allowed? Awesome. Edition

Sounds like I missed a heckuva game last night. Goals, fights, ejections and, most importantly a win by the Blues at home. Sweet.

Blues news

  • Blues win at home thanks to a fast start. Also, the pic on this article is pretty sweet with all the guys brawling. One day Perron is going to get a fighting major and it will be awesome. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • B.J. Crombeen shortened the shaft of his stick and has been scoring goals. Yep, I just used B.J. and shaft in a sentence and it was completely appropriate. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Keith Tkachuk couldn't eat solid food while being out with a busted mouth. [Belleville News-Democrat]
  • Yan Stastny is back in Peoria. [Peoria Journal Star]

Hockey news

Other links

  • Hungry? Like competition? Here are 40 (40!) eating contests you can enter. [Coupon Sherpa]
  • As technology advances, computer printers don't. [The Oatmeal]
  • Eggs with faces shouldn't be funny, but it is. [Holy Taco]


Regular contributor Cross Check Raise is pretty excited for the "A Team" movie. He passed along the trailer, and I'll share it.

Don't know about you, but I'm fried up. Hit me (and PCS) up at gametimelinks(at) if you have some good stuff.