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Wilds at Blues GDT

Two games is a paltry streak, but, nonetheless it's a streak.

The Blues, coming off a seven-game losing skid have flipped the script and have won two in a row. It's not much, but it's a start. After dropping the first three games of the Davis Payne Era (every coach gets his own Era in sports journalism), the Blues have back-to-back games, one of them, on Tuesday, was on home ice. I know kids, I'm scared too.

Since Payne has taken over the Blues have gotten back to maximizing what little talent they have. The Note are playing gritty, physical hockey. Captain America David Backes is on a one-man mission to take out Olympians. Owen Nolan, you better watch your old ass.

Minnesota, like the Blues, is also streaking. Winners of its last four contests, the Wilds are climbing out of the bottom of the Western Conference playoff standing and into playoff contention. The same could also have been said about the Blues Jackets before Tuesday.

Now, in the mold of the Brad Lee Game Threads, I will make a bold statement and take a stand many will decry as unpopular since none of you will read this far: I like mac and cheese. It's true. Much like Brad enjoys cereal, I enjoy mac and cheese. It's cheap as hell, so easy to cook that I can make it and downright tasty. I could make a box of it daily and that would be OK.

This is your Game Day Thread. You know what to do.