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Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony: The Grand Opening of Prospect Sundays!

Blues head scout Jarmo Kekalainen has the reputation, but our Prospect Department can bring the goods too.
Blues head scout Jarmo Kekalainen has the reputation, but our Prospect Department can bring the goods too.

You want to learn a little trivia? Of all of the national and local media outlets following the NHL, who printed the very first interview with Blues (then) prospect David Perron?

Your Game Time Prospect Department, that's who.

Guess who was several months ahead of the curve and decided to interview Blues draftee David Warsofsky at camp this summer, well before he became one of the media darlings of Team America (U20) at the WJC a few weeks ago.

Your Game Time Prospect Department, that's who.

Let me be brutally honest for a few seconds. I hate to be the one to pull back the curtain and expose the great and wonderful wizard for what he really is, but our Game Time Prospect Department is but one man. Brian Weidler, commonly known by some sort of Prussian nickname or as an entire department, or as Tomorrow's Blues, is but one man.

But that one man is more dedicated to the Blues' development system and the players who are, or could one day become, part of the pipeline to the NHL team than anyone who is not collecting a paycheck from the St. Louis Blues.

Our game-day paper is full of editorials and (hopefully) jokes and wiseassery and cockfuckery and all sorts of associated ridiculousness. But the page-plus that are dedicated to the future players of this franchise are always serious, always dedicated and always detailed beyond belief. It is a true credit to Brian that people purchase our otherwise silly publication just to read his analysis and predictions about the players we will one day be cheering on.

It is because of Brian's dedication that I even know who people like Aaron Palushaj and Nikolai Lemtyugov are. It is because of Brian's dedication that I'm not surprised when Jonas Junland looked good when he carried the puck in his one NHL game this year, but that away from it he looked scared, skittish and like he should hit the weightroom a little more.

And now, you all are about to get a lot more of Brian and his wonderful world of prospects. If you've been attentive over the last few weeks you've noticed that more and more prospect-related info was popping up on the site on Sundays. Well, much like watching that new building grow out of the ground in downtown Clayton over the last few months, you were watching the foundations of Prospect Sundays be erected.

From here on out, consider Sundays to be the domain of the Game Time Prospect Department and be sure to come by to check out updates from the lower leagues, including the AHL Rivermen and ECHL Alaska Aces as well as updates on the stats of most of the Blues prospects playing overseas and in the Cnadian major junior leagues. Prospect Sundays will also debut interviews with Blues prospects, Blues minor league coaches, a weekly update of who is getting hot and even a few player profiles.

In short, it's gonna be awesome.

I have personally witnessed a higher-up of the Blues show the prospect pages of our paper to another higher-up and say, "Look at this. No one else is doing this." Now you out-of-towners and freeloaders get to see what he was talking about: This Game Time Prospect Department is second to none.

Join us, won't you, for Prospect Sundays.