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Top 11 Reasons The Blues Keep Winning

The Blues are currently riding their longest winning streak of the season with four consecutive victories. No, we don't know how they're doing it either. The four wins in a row only gives them the glowing record of 4-4-2 in their last 10. So that kind of illustrates how the season has gone. And how inexplicable this streak seems.

This is a team that got its coach fired in the middle of a seven-game winnless streak right before this winning streak started. They have the worst home record in the NHL and three of the four wins have been in St. Louis. Up is down, black is white. Instead of losing the Blues are winning. Unbelievable.

In an effort to help explain the phenomenon, we provide you with the following 11 reasons why the Blues keep winning. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

11. Keith Tkachuk keeps seeing his lucky oral surgeon before games.

10. Eric Brewer has kept his New Year's resolution of promising to not give the puck away in the neutral zone leading to a deflating breakaway goal more than once a month.

9. T.J. Oshie got Facebooked with his hits on Rick Nash last year on youtube and remembered how he has to play. He texted a thank you.

8. Patrik Berglund has forgotten all about Coach Mr. Yells A Lot Man.

7. David Backes hasn't hurt his fists on the soft skulls of Canadian Olympic players. Yet.

6. Chris Mason's beard woke up from hibernation restoring his super powers.

5. Davis Payne isn't nearly as creepy behind the bench. That's not even a joke.

4. Tom Calhoun isn't mailing it in anymore with his "one minute left in this period" announcements.

3. The players fear disappointing Bobby Plager.

2. They got rid of the decaf in the dressing room.

1. Davis Payne knows voodoo.