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Blues Lose One In A Row

So about that wining streak...

It just means it's a chance for the Blues to start a new one Wednesday night in Montreal, right?

Monday night in Columbus, the Blues didn't play that poorly. They took a few untimely penalties. They allowed a spirit-breaking goal just a few seconds after tying it up 2-2 in the second. Raffi Torres did look like a world beater tonight which is hard for a team to do.

I'm not going to say the game would have turned out differently with a Cam Janssen in the lineup, but he might have helped keep the energy up throughout the game. A week ago the Blues took control of the game against Columbus here in St. Louis. They forced their will on the Jackets and shut them down. Tonight, it didn't seem the Blues were playing that kind of game.

Another lead, wasted. A rare Paul Kariya goal comes in a loss. Now we can start wondering if starting seven games in a row for Chris Mason is too much in mid-January. I'm not going to say we're poor losers because I wrote the rest of this post for the game last Tuesday night. But being bitter is part of what we get blamed for around here, so I figure we might as well post:

Top 11 Signs Ken Hitchcock Might Have A Weight Problem

11. Tattoo on his shoulder says, "Give me extra tasty crispy or give me death."

10. Blood type is strawberry pancake syrup negative.

 9. He avoids the postgame buffet by filling up on the first and second intermission buffets. In his office.

 8. His tie is made of fruit rollup.

 7. Coach's Gatorade bottle is filled with Yoohoo.

 6. Rick Majerus e-mailed him a link to Weight Watchers.

 5. Most of the nicknames he gives players are flavors of doughnuts at Krispy Kreme.

 4. His other shoulder has a tattoo of a Krispy Kreme.

 3. He eats more before breakfast than most people eat all day.

 2. Rookies get "make sure my dick is still there" duty.

 1. He answers to Jabba or Mr. Hutt.


Feel free to rant in the comments or add to the list.