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New Guy Gets a Shot at the Hawks: Game Day Thread

This certainly shouldn't be the first you're hearing of this, but Andy Murray was relieved of his duties as head coach of the St. Louis Blues shitcanned this morning.

So instead of watching Murray switch up lines throughout the game, call for earlier timeouts than anyone ever thought possible, and sound as though he could use a throat lozenge 90 percent of the time at press conferences, we'll be treated to Davis Payne, who will take over the head coaching position on an interim basis after being promoted from Peoria.

Payne's body of work includes a Kelly Cup with the ECHL's Alaska Aces in 2006, which was part of a three-season streak of getting to Minor Minor Pro Hockey's Final Four. His seven year stint with the Aces ended with a promotion to an assistant position in Peoria, followed by a promotion to head coach in Peoria for the following season in 2008. Now that's movin' up the company ladder.

And if that wasn't enough, Ed Belfour is up with the big club in St. Louis since Rick Wamsley is taking over behind the bench for the Rivermen for now. First game behind the bench as Blues goaltending coach and it's against the team that Belfour played the majority of his career with, not to mention one of the two biggest teams the Blues share a rivalry with.

I can't imagine this thread won't go without a visit from a few of our friends from Second City or Committed Indian or whatever the fuck they call themselves. Show 'em this is our house but keep the bantering civil. They're a funny, knowledgable bunch, even if they do root for Pat Kane.

By the way, am I the only one finding myself in a bit of a catch-22 with having to root for Kane on the US Olympic Squad? And for the Hawks fans that drop by, how are you going to handle cheering (or not) for Johnson and Backes?

And let's get Clubber Lang's prediction for tonight's game:

Blues/Hawks Game Day Thread. Saturday Night.

Get some.