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Searching For Positives... Here's One: Blues Positively Beaten 6-3.

No sense in whining about another home loss. At least this time they lost to a team that was supposed to beat them. In the interest of turning all of you into emo whiner cutters, I'm gonna keep it positive around here tonight. Ready? Here are the positives:

  • Andy Murray's personal losing streak has ended for now.
  • Mike Weaver put a hit on Patrick Sharp that was so heavy that the entire crowd yelled, "BOOM!" when it was shown on replay. If a four-foot-two guy can lay out a guy like that, maybe all of the otrher Blues can learn from it.
  • Keith Tkachuk has learned how to score goals soccer style.
  • Speaking of Tkachuk, I won a signed jersey of his a couple months ago in an auction and wore it for the first time tonight looking for a switch of our luck. Well, the Blues still lost, so it's not good luck for the team. But Tkachuk scored, so it must be good luck for him. But then he did lose a bunch of his teeth in knocking in the goal with his mouth, so maybe that's not good luck for him. But his dentist is psyched.... Maybe we'll just call that one a wash.
  • Who knew Jonathan Toews was so stupid? Why in the world would he challenge David Backes to a fight? Backes is gonna be crapping out little pieces of Toews for two days now.
  • Davis Payne has had exactly zero practices and zero time to fully analyze his roster. Gotta hope that with a few days of preparation ahead of him that we'll see a much better team on Wednesday.
  • Staying positive; I heard almost no calls for Payne to be fired. Almost none.
  • On the way home, Son of GT postulated that "Towel Boy must be responsible for the Blues' bad luck. He's at every game and they're bad, but he skipped Sweden and they were good." Not sure about the science behiond that, but it makes a father's heart warm to see that he's raising his kids the right way.

Feel free to add more positives in the comments. To finish up, here's the biggest positive of the night:

BOOM goes the Weaver-mite!