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Wednesday links: Not even going to try and be bilingual edition

Whenever the NHL does stuff in Montreal, it's always Frenchified. I speak un poco español, but no French. So the links will be in my normal half-asleep English. Enjoy the typos.

Blues news

  • Blues vs Canadies tonight. Game starts at 6:30 p.m. St. Louis time. Perfect, I'll be in a gym in Northeast Missouri watching basketball at that time. My life rules. [CBS Sports]
  • David Perron is coming home tonight. Expect Frenchie to show off and dominate. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • A deep in depth look — the kind of reporting usually reserved for the Cardinals — on the Blues. An interesting read. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Davis Payne talks. [Blues]
  • The Canadiens and Blues have more in common than you might think. [Habs Eyes on the Prize]

Hockey news

  • Tuesday's scores will blow you're mind. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • The Blues are one of just three games on Wednesday. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Mike Broduer is not Martin Broduer. You have been warmed too-eager Snes fans. [Silver Seven Sens]
  • Will Semyon Varlamov play in the Olympics? Maybe. Who really knows. [Japers' Rink]
  • Michael Peca, who I always loathed, is hanging them up. Good. [ESPN]
  • Petr Sykora, who used to be pretty good was put on waivers by the WIld. He's only 33, and while this may shock my good friend NatetheGreat, I don't think he's lost it. Should the Blues be interested? [ESPN]
  • Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby are good. [TSN]
  • Mario Lemieux talks to Reader's Digest about his heart condition. Didn't realize Mario only wanted to share his story with 90-year-old women. [TSN]
  • Alex Burrows is tired of talking about the controversy he started. [TSN]


Other links

  • Craigslist has had some classic postings. [ManoFest]
  • Sometimes, vandalism can be funny. [Holy Taco]
  • What happens when you combine the Wu Tang Clan with The Beatles? Not sure, but now you can find out. I dig it, but I also like The Darkness and you people reacted poorly to that before. You were all wrong, but still ... [Wu Tang Vs The Beatles]


Hat tip to dvdvrhs for today's video. He sent along a link to Jon Lajoie's videos — who I immensely enjoy. And, he's French-Canadian so it works for today. Enjoy. Don't watch at work, unless you have headphones.

Blues vs. Canadiens tonight. Be here for the Game Day Thread. It will be a treat full of jokes about poutine and the French. I can't wait.