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Blues @ Les Habs GDT

The Blues are north of the border, and I'm not talking Brownsville, Texas. The Blues are in Montreal tonight to take on the Canadiens. And man are those bastards pompous.

Look, I get the fact that the Habs are an Original Six team and has won 24 Stanley Cups, most coming when there were only five other teams and Montreal lucked out by having some of the best talent in the league. In the modern era, the Canadiens have had their moments, but remind me what they've done without Patrick Roy. Oh that's right, nothing.

Even the mainstream blogs that follow the Habs are stuckup. Habs Inside and Out ran this headline: 24 Cups on the Blues. Oh, really? You mean the Blues never winning in just over 40 years is less than the 24 the Habs have won in more than a century?

Word on the street is that Cam Janssen will be in smash mode and Darryl Sydor will unfortunately see the ice while Patrik Berglund and Mike Weaver will enjoy some poutine in the press box. Berglund has flu-like symptoms. In college that meant I was infected with Jagermeister.

Chris Mason has started seven straight games. He gets the night off for Ty Conklin who has the Blues Brothers characters on his mask. Once again, they are from Chicago. Stop fucking referencing the Blues Brothers, Blues organization.

David Perron will probably be amped to be playing in front of the home crowd.He has a beret under his helmet. Or he should.

Bernie Federko's tie does not match his couch-like suit on the pregame.

Back to the poutine. It sounds horrible: french fries covered in cheese curds and brown gravy. But let's break it down. Everybody loves fries. So we've got a good base. The cheese curds are just cheese, don't let the word curds throw you. And gravy, much like bacon, can make almost anything better. It's high in calories, looks like a complete fucking mess when you eat it, but damn it's good. I take every trade deadline day off. I could be half Canadian. But not Canadian enough for David Backes to punch me in the face.

One thing to watch: the crowd. The seats will be full. People will sit quietly and not get up. They will cheer a little, but mostly just sit and watch. It's kind of creepy. It's like a stadium full of Eric Brewer's relatives with bad accents.

That's it. I'll see you in the comments. Fill 'em up, show those snooty Habs fans how we do it. This is your game day thread, fuck things up.