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Blues at Ottawa SNES GDT

I hate back-to-back games — mostly because of the excuses. Oh, everyone is tired from playing 20 minutes the night before? I understand hockey is difficult (Edit: We now go out to Game Time Field Reporter and Weekend Link Rat Poor College Student for the rest of the GDT), but playing on back-to-back nights, playing through a painful slash, gutting out road victories in hostile environments, and sometimes doing all those things on the same night are what sets hockey players apart from the rest of the athletes in the world, right?

We're in Ottawa playing the Super Nintendo Senators tonight. Used to be this game meant cussing the name of Dany Heatley. Now, with him gone to San Jose, I'm not sure I hate anyone in particular on that team. Then again, I don't think Jarkko Ruutu has done anything to piss me off. That could change tonight. Then again, Cam Janssen might see to it that it does not.

Silver Seven Sens is referencing this one as a "trap game" for their boys. I thought you had to have more than a 5 point difference in the standings to even approach "trap game" designation. Look for physical play early and often as the team that establishes the tempo will probably end up the winner. And hope we get to see Carrie Underwood in the stands.

Game Day Thread. Let's fire it up.