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Friday links: Ty Conklin has awesome cranial accessories edition

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Ty Conklin looks like a man who would need a million dollars to have sex with two women at the same time.
Ty Conklin looks like a man who would need a million dollars to have sex with two women at the same time.

I've been working my ass off this week at work and I'm ready for the weekend. Wait ... what' that? I have to work Saturday as well? Shit.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • Thursday's results. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Friday's games. Just three on the slate. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • John Harding is hurt. [ESPN]
  • Being captain suits Eric Staal. He picks up a hat trick in his first game wearing the C. [TSN]
  • Jean Beliveau, a legendary Canadian and Canadien, has suffered a stroke. [TSN]
  • The Second City guys are trying to talk themselves into Cristobal Huet is a good goalie. Keep telling yourself that, and maybe it will come true. [Second City Hockey]
  • One of the co-creators of the sweet, sweet Alaska bear intro video talks about how the video was made. [With Leather]
  • From Hildymac: A friend of hers is having a contest involving a crazy Leafs fan. You all know what to do. [Getting Pucks Deep]
  • Also from HIldymac: Down Goes Brown looks at the pros and cons of teams getting Ilya Kovalchuk. [Down Goes Brown]

Other links

  • Most notes left are passive-aggressive. Here's how to write a really good one. [Sloshspot]
  • If you're gonna dress like a jackass, don't get arrested. [Holy Taco]
  • People still have unibrows. [Uncoached]
  • ALF is now on Twitter. Did you know his name was Gordon Shumway? I didn't. [Twitter]


Jackpot. I did a simple YouTube search for St. Louis Blues and found this ad campaign from the 1998-99 season. I don't remember ever seeing these commercials. I'm putting my favorite first just because of the absurd names used — this was a team that had Al MacInnis, Chris Pronger, Pavol Demitra and others but ... you know just listen.

More after the jump, including one that I predict will rile Hildy up with the whole female hockey fan debate.

Geoff Courtnall is ripped.

And finally, the Blues show off the new unis. Faces to look for: Demitra, Pronger, Michael Handzus, Marc Bergevin, Scott Pellerin, Craig Conroy, Michel Picard (who?), Tony Twist, Kelly Chase, Scott Young, Jim Campbell and Courtnall. Enjoy.

That's it for me. Hit up Poor College Student at gametimelinks(at) I'm Audi 5000.