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Saturday Links: "Get Getzlaf" Edition

And by "get," I don't mean "acquire." I mean "make him aware that we remember his illegal pick on Jackman that led to a Ducks goal."

Rather than debate the merits of the hit as "dirty, intentional knee to knee" (You can do that on your own), I'm wanting the Blues to be tough on him for the simple fact that, dirty or not, there was a blown interference call on a questionable play.

Careful going into the corners tonight, Ryan.

Blues News:

  • Saturday night home games kick ass. Puck drops at 7PM on FS-MW against Anaheim. Radio is 1120AM. Online feed is somewhere in the comments, eventually.
  • Despite the goal drought (which ended on Thursday), Brad Boyes is our leading point producer.
  • According to JR, Backes is probable for tonight's game. Should be an update sometime later this morning or afternoon.
  • I've got a soft spot for animals, and this looks like more than a worthy cause. Also, I'm afraid Backes and Jackman would kick my ass if I thought differently.

NHL News:

Other Stuff:

  • Conan O'Brien hosted his last episode of The Tonight Show last night thanks to a ridiculous shuffling of the NBC line-up thanks to Jay's show tanking in an earlier time slot. Here's 5 great videos of Conan bringing the funny. And my personal Conan favorite: Old Time Baseball
  • Bullshit police myths.


First up, a word from Blues legend Bob Plager

Second, the Mighty Ducks trilogy explores it's own origins with a prequel trilogy


That's it for me. Get ready for a Saturday night home tilt with the Ducks.

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