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Blues @ Flickering Flames GDT

When you Google "interesting things about Calgary," you would think you would actually find some things that are in fact interesting.

Did you know that the population of Calgary is 780,000 and growing? I didn't. I also was unaware that Canadian Pacific Railroad has its corporate headquarters there. It is clearly the largest city in Alberta, but the third largest in all of Canada. I did not know that.

Calgary has 8 AM radio stations and 17 FM stations. Good to know. And of course every summer they have the Calgary Stampede, an event sassy enough where you can wear your chaps in public and not get a second glance.

Calgary is also home to Jarome Iginla, one of the best hockey players in the NHL. I'm comfortable enough with my masculinity to say I have a crush on the captain of the Flames. He's tough and fast but has soft hands. He can play fast and physical while being gentle with the puck. And boy can he shoot the puck hard.

Always reliable Jeremy Rutherford says David Backes is out for a third straight game because of injury. We wait patiently for his return. JR says the lines are the same as Saturday (hopefully not the outcome). Ty Conklin gets the start.

We don't have anything else interesting to say. I love nachos. With lots of peppers. This is your game day thread. Turn the volume up and get to commenting.