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Tuesdays With Hildy: Building Blocks or Tinker Toys - Who Do You Value Most on a Team?

Sorry for the late post - I had a busy day today grossing out my psych classes with the "Life's Greatest Miracle" episode of Nova. Now I get to try to work on this post at the Thrashers game to the Quackers, who hopefully don't repeat whatever the heck happened here in StL Saturday night.

Anywho, got to thinking, after watching Cam romp and stomp his way through a few games - who are the players on the team that you value? Are they the power forward, high scorers like McDonald, Boyes, and (according to some nasty rumors I've heard) Kariya? Are they the d-men on the point - EJ? Cola? What about the grinders and energy players like Winny, BJ, and for sure Steener? Who brings value? How do you judge it - is it stats? Is it heart? Is it dedication? Do intangibles matter more to you than the point sheet? I apologize for the brevity of this week's post - I promise I'll do better next Tuesday. Swearsies.