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Blues @ Canuckleheads GDT

The Blues continue their trek through Western Canada, going the long way about things. Monday they were in Calgary. Tonight Vancouver, which is in a whole other province, British Columbia. Then tonight they go back to Alberta to play in Edmonton Thursday night. Those rascally schedule makers.

Always reliable Jeremy Rutherford says David Backes will play tonight, although not at center because of the strong play of T.J. Oshie and Patrik Berglund. Cam Janssen gets the ticket to the press box buffet. That's exciting and disappointing all at once.

Can't wait to see Backes return to the lineup, we were hoping it would happen before tonight. And there is that history with the Canucks last postseason with the Alexandre Burrows and Ryan Kesler talking about his wife on the ice. So that's fun. Unfortunately Janssen won't get a chance to fight Rick Rypien without the tough wearing tape on his hands like he did Dec. 31 here in St. Louis. Bummer.

Ty Conklin will his only second consecutive start of the season coming off his 2-0 shutout win in Calgary Monday. He loves playing on the road, so maybe he'll get another win and start one more tomorrow night. Weirder things have happened.

The Canucks are a hard team to really hate. It's not like Todd Bertuzzi is still there. The Sedin sisters are creepy, weird and creepy, it's not like I want them punished every shift. Maybe every other shift. Other than that sweep in the playoffs last year that the Blues totally earned, what kind of history is there? It's not the Canucks fault Ron Caron made the trade for Garth Butcher and Dan Quinn that killed the 1991 playoffs.

These late games are killers. Get the Jolt Cola out, chill some Red Bull and put another pot of coffee on. Me? I prefer Mountain Dew, but because it's like pure sugar or something, Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi will have to do for me.

Stay up late, insult some British Columbians and fill up the comments. This is your game day thread. For the love of Pete, try and stay awake.