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You Write The Comedy Thursday

Well that sucked last night in Vancouver. The Blues played well enough to earn at least the charity point. And then it was snatched away. As much as we'd like to think otherwise, I guess the Blues couldn't win almost every game in Canada.

It's another late night for the Blue Note as they skate in Edmonton later today. We'll see if they can show that resiliency that has been one of their calling cards this season. In the meantime, keep yourself busy here on the Web site with one of our trusty old gimmicks: the good old You Write The Comedy.

Today we give you Ryan Kesler, his skate, B.J. Crombeen's face and two girls in the front row who are reacting a little differently to the play right under their noses. Shoulda been Alex Steen.Regardless, what the hell is going on in the photo? These are always a good chance for new commenters to test the waters.

Game day thread will be on the way just around dinner time. See you then.