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Blues @ The Worst Team In The NHL Right Now GDT

You guessed the Blues are in Edmonton tonight from the headline, right?

The fact that the Oilers have 38 points, the fewest in the NHL, that's one thing. How they've stayed at such a lowly point total is the interesting/pathetic part. Back on Dec. 11, the Blues gave up a three-goal lead and lost 5-3 in St. Louis. Since then, they...lost to the Kings 3-2, lost to the Predators 6-3, lost to the Capitals 4-2, lost to St. Louis 7-2, lost to the Wild 3-1, lost to the Canucks 4-1, lost to the Flames 4-1, THEY BEAT THE MAPLE LEAFS 3-1 (wow), lost to the Flames again 2-1, lost to the Sharks 4-1, lost in OT to the Coyotes 5-4, lost to the Blue Jackets 4-2, lost to the Preds 5-3, lost to the Penguins 3-2, lost to the Sharks again 4-2, lost to the Avalanche 6-0, lost to the Canucks in OT 3-2, lost to the stars 4-3 and lost to the Hawks 4-2. That's fucking horrible. One win since Dec. 11.

The last time Edmonton beat a team not from Toronto, Andy Murray was still head coach of the Blues. Don't quote me on this, but George W. Busch may have been president and the Berlin Wall was still in place. I might have that mixed up. But Tiger Woods was definitely happily married and Michael Jackson was dead.

Chris Mason is expected to get the start in goal with no other changes expected in the lineup (we want to see Cam Janssen's tits, dammit). I don't profess to know a lot about the Oilers so we'll just skip over them.

I'm having breakfast casserole for dinner. You?

This is your game day thread. Get your knife and fork and dig in.