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Friday links: Two out of three ain't bad edition

Wins in Calgary and Edmonton are good. Still don't think this team is going to go on a run like last year, but hey ... winning is fun.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • Thursday's results. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Friday night is a good time for pucks. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning are in the process of being sold. [Raw Charge]
  • The head of the IOC wants the NHL to keep on sending its players to the Olympics beyond 2010. [ESPN]
  • Mark Fistric is fined $2,500 for suing Eric Nystrom's helmet like a club. Fistric is a damn liar for saying he dropped it as soon as he had it in his hand. He altred his punch and went with a clubbing motion. Whatever. [ESPN]
  • Carey Price and Andrei Markov hug. This is news in Canada. [TSN]
  • After Ron Wilson's comments, I think it's safe to safe Jamal Mayer is done in Toronto. [TSN]

Other links

  • This Web site not only tells you the time, but it also provides a steady beat to make sure you aren't having a heart attack. [timebeat ]
  • Some people have awesome tombstones. Kinda makes me rethink my decision to get cremated upon my death. [Holy Taco]
  • Seriously, Craig's List is an unintentionally funny place. [Craigslaugh]
  • Some advice on how to suck at Facebook. [The Oatmeal]


I think from now until I forget, Friday's will be random St. Louis Blues day on YouTube. Enjoy.

First up: There are a ton of videos on YouTube featuring goal horns. Who is the audience?

Lastly: This dude is the reason why I hate people. He can't spell Wednesday. Or subscribe. His video is pointless and is just him in a mask.  But, he ends it with a dog and I love dogs.

And with that, another week is in the books. But fear not, GTers. Poor College Study is here to save the day ... tomorrow and Sunday. If you want, send him stuff at gametimelinks(at) Or you could just say hello. Whatever. I'll see you in February.