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The Late Night Poll. What Next Green Goblin?

By all accounts Andy Murray is a great guy... to fans. I know of several fans who have run into him randomly on road trips and he has been uncommonly candid, unbelievably generous and sincerely, well, sincere in his interactions with fans of the game. This reputation makes me sad for him. I hate seeing anyone get fired and that includes members of the hockey team (except Mike Kitchen, I did a weird little jig when that happened).

Unfortunately, the exact opposite seems to be the standard for his interactions with his players. They were tired of his cryptic instructions, constant meddling with the lines, head games and his inequitable treatment of veterans vs treatment of youngsters. This reputation makes me mad. I mean, cheese and rice, really? Head games? You gotta know that won't work forever (Scotty Bowman excluded).

That said, Andy Murray will definitely get another NHL job. His record with the Blues is over .500. He's got that incredible run to the playoffs last year on his resume. Someone is going to hire him again. Which brings us to tonight's question...