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Blue Outerwear @ Blues GDT

The Blue Jackets are in town tonight for a Blues one-game home stand. It seems like the Blue Jackets have been here a lot lately.

We probably will see another battle of the Masons in goal tonight for Columbus and St. Louis. After struggling much of the season and posting horrible goals-against average and save percentage that are both 45th in the league, Steve Mason has played in five straight games and seen the Blue Jackets go 2-3-0 in that time. Meanwhile Chris Mason for the Blues has felt the pressure of Ty Conklin's stellar play on the road. After a 2-0 shutout on Monday, Conklin got his only second consecutive start on Wednesday in Vancouver. Both figure to get the start tonight, but we've been wrong before.

I hope fans realize that when they start singing "Maaaaaaay-Son" that they're probably psching out their own goaltender too.

I have to admit to you our dedicated readers that I'm a little written out at the moment. You've probably noticed that Gallagher has been missing in action for real work stuff the last two weeks. He sent me an e-mail last night about this really cool David Backes T-shirt that he thought we should write about. You know, the shirt Average Joe posted yesterday afternoon. I'm not totally ripping on Gallagher for being out of the loop. He was drinking working really hard. So everything outside of the links came from my brain through my fingertips. I don't have many words left about this hockey team. If they have any illusions about making the playoffs, they have to win this game.

Have to. And trade Paul Kariya.

This is your game day thread. Do your shit here.