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Wednesday links: Davis is bringing the Payne to San Jose edition

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If you think I'm out of Payne-fully punny headlines, you're dead wrong.

Blues news

World Juniors

  • Team America 6, Canada 5. Beating Canada in their backyard in their game is fucking awesome. I feel bad, however, because this is but a scroll on the bottom line for the States. This means so much more up North. [The Canadian Press]
  • This is a pretty sweet victory song. [TSN]
  • Pictures from the game. These are some happy, happy kids. [USA Hockey]
  • Starting goaltending was ... not good for either side. Let's hope Jake Allen rebounds. [TSN]


Other links


First up: You knew this was coming. Get used to this song. You'll be hearing it often. Congrats, lads. Way to make us proud.

Second video: More Payne. Side note: This video has 2 million views. Who is watching this bizarre video?