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Blues @ Big Toothy Fish GDT

Welcome to the first game of the Davis Payne era. What, you think Saturday night counted? He had to be yelling, "Hey you, line change" and "No. 57, you hold onto the puck that long all the time?" There have been three days off since that introduction by fire to the team. He's had his own drills in practice, he has erected his own doghouse out back. He's figured out which players cry when they're yelled at. So if the Blues give up six goals tonight, obviously the team will need a new voice in the dressing room.

The weird injuries are starting to stack up. There's the Keith Tkachuk drinking his meals through a straw after getting his grilled jacked up by a T.J. Oshie slapshot. Ty Conklin's son has a broken leg and he didn't travel. Barret Jackman had the flu. Paul Kariya is still seeing little birds and stars circle his head. And Andy Murray is moving away from St. Louis for the rest of his life.

The Sharks, they're good, even for a team that wears teal. Joe Thornton passes the puck too much. Patrick Marleau is severely underrated. Someone knock the shit out of Dany Heatley.

If you're in the St. Louis region, you're probably watching the snow fall. We're supposed to get several inches and then the low temperature is supposed to hit zero (Fahrenheit). I remember at least twice in junior or high school I banked on snow that didn't happen and then had to fake an illness because I didn't do my homework. Ah, simpler times.

That's all I got. You don't read this anyway. I mean we could totally have a conversation about how saucer sleds are better than blade sleds UNLESS there's a coating of ice on top of the snow. Back in January 1992 we had an ice storm with snow on the ground and we about killed ourselves racing blade sleds the neighbor's house with trees at the bottom of the hill. But like I said, you won't read this.

Of course don't forget our friends at Fear The Fin. They're not all wine-drinking fair weather fans. Show them how we do it around here. Fill 'er up.