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Blues @ Water Fowl GDT

I can guarantee that in Anaheim tonight, there will be no single digit temperatures. THere will be no negative wind chills. No blowing snow. Those poor bastards, they don't know what they're missing in St. Louis.

So the new-look Blues take the ice 24 hours after losing in overtime at San Jose 2-1. Screw you Dany Heatley. It will be interesting to see how the Blues continue to adapt to new coach Davis Payne's game philosophies. I noticed two things last night. Please allow me to elaborate.

John Kelly and Darren Pang drove it into the ground how the Blues don't want to give up the red line or their own blue line without a fight. They even put up a white board for Panger to scribble on. It's led to some interesting moments in the open ice of the neutral zone. Players like Mike Weaver and Barret Jackman have committed to this new way of attacking the opposition while others, well you can see them looking around and being tentative and not being proactive. Watch tonight and see who's onboard with the netural zone physical play and who's not.

The second thing to look for is the risk taking in the offensive end. Patrik Berglund was a new player last night cycling like a Sedin, carrying the puck all over the ice. The defensemen are coming down low regularly. They're being more creative and pressing the action. I like it...until they allow Heatley to streak on a breakaway.

And it you're thinking about watching the BCS National Championship game instead, it's over. No McCoy, no win for Texas. Sorry if that disappoints you.

Well that's it. Don't go outside and like freeze to death and shit. Stay inside, warm your hands by the GDT and fill 'er up.