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Friday links: Knee-on-knee picks are illegal. And Payne-ful edition

Payne week, at least my shift is over. If Poor College Student wants to keep it going tomorrow, more power to him. I'm retiring from pun headlines until Davis picks up that first dub.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • Results. Read 'em and weep. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Friday night is alright for hockey. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • The mothership names it midseason awards. Silent Jay McClement got a non for Selke (wonder who chose him?). [SB Nation]
  • Jon Sim is scoring goals while other Islanders are not. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Phil Kessel is fitting in well in Toronto. [TSN]
  • Mike Ribeiro has some throat issues, including having to have a tracheotomy. Ouch.[TSN]
  • It looks like the Red Wings may have found a goalie. Shit. [ESPN]


Other links

  • Before Facebook, people had parties. It's true. [KEGGERS OF YORE]
  • Don't believe what you see on TV. [Cracked]
  • I hate little kids. True story: A good friend of mine regularly refers to a mutal friends kid as a "douche bag." [Little Kids Are Dicks]


Cross Check Raise gets the assist with video No. 1. Closing out Payne with some Faster Pussycat.

And, because it's Friday and the Blues are mired in a shitty slide, you'll need a laugh. From Andy (send your screen name along next time, dude). Enjoy. Language ... you know what, just wear headphones.

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