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Saturday Links: Bringing the hurt to Los Angeles edition

Maybe we beat the Kings if I don't make a "Payne pun." It could happen.

And at this point I'm up for just about anything if it'll get the job done. (TWSS)

Blues News:

  • The Blues are adjusting to a new system. Hopefully Coach Payne doesn't push this button.
  • Puck drop is at 9:30 out in LA. Tune your TV box to Fox Sports Midwest.
  • Here's what I gathered after reading the stat bar on the side of tonight's preview: We're beating them in PK percentage, saves per game, and faceoff win percentage. So we got that goin' for us, which is nice.
  • In the race between Wamsley and Payne, Wammer is the first to get the W with his new team.

NHL/Olympic News:

  • Luvhockey passes along a good read on local boy Paul Stastny.
  • The lights went out during last night's Devils/Lightning game. My prediction is the NHL decides that, as a result of this, the Blues will owe the Devils two of our top 5 prospects and will have to switch 1st round draft picks at any point over the next three years of New Jersey's choosing. Fuckin' Lamoriello.
  • According to In Lou We Trust, lights have been turned back on and game will be picked back up from midway through the 2nd.
  • Don't come around here anytime soon, Theo. You don't talk about Craig Conroy like that and get away with it.
  • Canada plays the numbers game. The older players keep theirs. The younger ones switch.
  • Team USA will announce the captain and alternates on Monday. Rumors are that the "C" will go to Jamie Langenbrunner while the letter "A" will be brought to you by Chris Drury and Zach Parise.
  • Pierre LeBrun tells us the Phaneuf rumors are no more. Also, the rumors were the fault of those damn bloggers and their basements.
  • This may have been covered already and I apologize if it has been, but: 1) I didn't know Teemu has been around this long AND 2) He's damn close to becoming the All-Time Olympic Scoring Leader.
  • All the scores from Friday. Rick DiPietro left early in his first game ba...what? You mean he didn't get hurt? I'll be damned.
  • Saturday's slate.

Other Stuff:


I'd sell my soul for a Blues victory

Come on back for the GDT. We'll get the line-ups and scratches in whenever they're up.

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