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Chasing Bigfoot, Finding Nessie And The LA Kings Are A Good Team: Your Myth-Shattering Blues at Kings GDT

There are plenty of so-called 'facts' that I do not believe. I don't believe that Brett Hull ever played for the Detroit Red Wings. I don't believe that buffalo wings are bad for you. I don't believe that drinking alone is a bad sign. I don't believe that anyone has every truly pulled off the Dirty Sanchez.

And I do not believe that the Los Angeles Kings are good.

Granted, they've been bad for so long that eventually they have to be good. Such is the cycle of sports. You suck, you draft high for a few years, you get better and maybe even win a championship, you get old and slow and start to lose until eventually you suck again. It's science, man, it's unarguable.

So yes, I understand that the Kings will have to be good at some point. But looking at their lineup i still have a hard time believing it. Ryan Smyth is scoring at a clip like never before in his career? Impossible. Some guy named Jonathan Quick is holding down the goaltending position and he hasn't even shown signs of becoming the next Stephane Fiset or Dan Cloutier yet? Get real. Someone named Wayne Simmonds is on pace for 20 goals and possibly 50 points? Now you're just talking crazy.

But here they are. The Kings are 25-16-3 and are in the eigth spot in the West, 12 points ahead of the "We'll turn it on any day now" Blues.

It's almost as if someone spotted a Dirty Sanchez occurring naturally in the wild.

Check out the hilarious guys over at Battle of Cali to see what the other side thinks. Game is on FSN Midwest at 9:30 and will be broadcast LIVE on KMOX for you old-schoolers out there. As you may have figured out, this is your Game Day Thread. Do your worst.