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hoo-fa, f-you friday.

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back by demand, your weekly bucket to purge into.

1. fuck you punctuation. no one else seems to see a need for it, why should i? while we're at it we might as well dump almost all punctuation paragraph breaks and any desire to organize our thoughts into useable. sizes. bloggers are just basement dwellers who have no respect for guys in the room and everyone knows that the only trustable media folks are those who work for a radio station. right?

2. fuck you baseball. i'm so glad the cardinals are finally really out of the playoff chase and i can finally stop pretending like i care about them at all. unfortunately for me, i live in st. louis and the cardinals are the topic of conversation at least a couple times a day. why? hell if i know. if i'm not playing in a game of baseball, i sure as hell am not watching a game of baseball. it's like they're trying to find new ways to slow that game down. try some hockey out, weirdos.

3. fuck you mr. city cool. yeah, i'm sure you're so much more urban and with it than me, just jump right in front of me for your chance to cross the street before the light changes. i get it - you're too cool to wait while i must be some sort of suburb bumpkin because i don't feel like doing the bob and weave through traffic. by the way, mr. city cool guy, you're wearing fucking zubas, so i already win. zubas. please.

4. fuck you injuries. this is supposed to be the year when a bunch of the baby blues take the next big step and the team actually proves that you can improve from within. great, we're all onboard. injuries, however, seem to be the one thing none of us planned on. already carlo colaiacovo and andy mcdonald have had to suffer through some injuries and now nikita nikitin has a broken wrist. this better not be an omen of how this season is going to go. it's one thing if the team struggles, it's way more frustrating if they're good but get derailed by injuries. knock it off, hockey gods, we've been kicked in the teeth enough over the last few years. time for you to go pile on detroit, isn't it?


your comments and f-yous in the comments. punctuation is personal choice.