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Thursday Links: Open Thread Party TIme

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So we've had a little breakdown this morning. Apologies. Please keep your receipt for a partial refund.

A few thoughts and then have at it with open chat.

- Blues play tonight at Nashville. Remember how great our game day threads are when the Blues are on the road? Yeah, haven't had one of those since last spring. Looking forward to it.

- Jeremy Rutherford with the Post is chatting today at 1 p.m. CDT. Lay off the Silent Jay McClement for Selke questions today. BUT, let's try something. Submit a real question, but include a food metaphor. Compare a player to a food or a situation to a food or something. You can submit questions right now and get to the front of the line. Make us proud.

- Ummmm I don't know. I'm rusty with links. That's why we're putting up an open thread. Go crazy.