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Road Music: 10/16 @ Dallas Stars

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Imagine, if you can, a Dallas Stars team without Mike Modano OR Marty Turco. As strange as that seems, that is the team our Blues are facing tonight. Somehow, this incarnation of the Dallas Stars has jumped off to a 3-0 start. They opened the season on the road, first beating the cap-stressed Devils in OT and then snatching a shootout win against the powerhouse (snark) Islanders. Most recently, they beat Detroit for their home opener, 4-1.

Color me unimpressed. This is largely the same team that finished 13th in the conference last year. They are due to fall back to Earth soon. Why not tonight?

As for the boys in Blue, that was a tough loss to give up to Nashville. Not to say that there weren't some positives to take out of it. The PP connected for 2 goals out of 5 opportunities, and we had a great 3rd period. Strong play and sustained pressure demonstrated that these guys can finish.

Starts, on the other hand, seem to need some work.

Start Me Up / Rolling Stones

The Enemy: There's not much new to report here; these are the same putzes we've all learned to loathe these past few years. The new goalie, Kari Lehtonen is decent enough, when healthy. Trouble is, he makes DiPietro look like Cal Ripken, Jr. Somehow, Andrew Raycroft has swindled another team to a contract as the backup. Then, of course, there's Steve Ott, the biggest waste of hockey time since the glow-puck. Fortunately, he takes as many penalties as he draws, so he's a useful idiot.

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Broadcast Notes: The game is on FSMW tonight, but at 7:30 tonight. The game got pushed back to allow Texans to both watch baseball and ignore hockey in the same night. Also, of course, is the excellent radio coverage by KMOX 1120 AM. Check the comments for web streams.

The puck drops at 7:30, and the GDT will arrive at around the same time. Until then, gather here, try to avoid arrest for public intoxication while STILL at the bar,  and choose which video (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C) is the greater example of Mike Ribeiro's level of douchebaggery.