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Sunday Links: Anything but a blown 2 goal lead edition

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They outshot Dallas, they outchanced Dallas, and STILL...a blown 2 goal lead.

Pass the booze, won't you? I'm not picky on what kind it is.

Blues News:

  • Despite one of the best saves of the young season by Ty Conklin, the Blues still fell 3-2 in a shootout. [Post-Dispatch & AP]
  • Bob Plager has done just about everything for the Blues. He can now add "Monopoly Guy Impersonator"

NHL News:

  • Joe Thornton signs for 3 more years worth 21 million in San Jose. It's hard to imagine that you can see a guy making 7 million per year and honestly believe he could be making more elsewhere. You can certainly do that with Jumbo Joe. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Coyotes ownership cocktease gets even cockteasier. I've got a shiny nickel that says we'll still be talking about when they'll be sold in a month. [TSN]
  • Darren Dreger looks at the Flames stumbles out of the gate. This may well be on the way to being remedied, as first liners Alex Tanguay and Jarome Iginla scored last night in a win. [TSN]
  • Pierre LeBrun looks at a new OT plan, the Detroit's recent inCAPability to ice a full roster, and more in his weekend wrapup. [ESPN]
  • Hey, Prospect Dept (and everyone else), what're your thoughts on the latest rankings from the ISS. [TSN]
  • The Rangers lost not only the game on Friday, but also lost Gaborik (2-3 weeks) and Drury (6 weeks) to injury. Sucks. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • Scores. [TSN]

Other Stuff:

  • Ice: It's pretty damn cool when you read about the history of it. [Mental Floss]
  • Keep your nose clean, it's the Bruce Willis Justice League. I'm still pissed off that they killed his character in Armageddon. [Maxim]
  • Hollywood, knock it off with the prequels. [Cracked]


GTPD enjoys his Prospect Sundays. As such, his submission gets the billing as the Sunday Video.

"This is what the San Antonio Rampage were playing last night whenever they'd score a goal (which they only did twice against Ben Bishop and the Rivermen)."

Stay tuned for Prospect Sundays, where prospects are analyzed, discussed, and otherwise mentioned. On Sundays, no less.

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