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Monday Links: Welcoming Halak to the Blues/Hawks Rivalry Edition

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 Tonight, the Group W Bench members (including but not limited to: Cabbie Punchers, Mother Rapers, Father Stabbers, and Father Rapers) from Chicago make their way to Drinkscotch stay right the fuck where they are as we go to them. My bad. Damned if I won't be properly drunk by 6:30 in preparation for this one. And don't go easy on the Hawks fans in the concourse. I'm not recommending violence, but I'm also not not recommending violence.

Let's get to the links. There isn't shit on a Sunday night.

Blues News:

NHL News:

  • Scores. All two of them. [TSN]
  • Project Mayhem: Stop CrowdWave from ever becoming a part of the St. Louis Blues experience. We don't need a fucking scoreboard to tell us when to do stuff. [Puck Daddy]
  • Mike Richards (LEADERSHIP!) believes the shenanigans of the Pittsburgh Penguins to be cruel and tragic. Which makes them not shenanigans at all. Evil shenanigans! [Broad Street Hockey]
  • Patrick Kaleta, who is a damn fine member of PCS's NHL11 Ultimate Hockey League squad, has been suspended for headbutting in real life. [Die By the Blade]

Other Stuff:

  • This is a house. No, really.[Buzzfeed]
  • This may be the epitome of "too much free time." It's a basket-woven car. [Poppytalk]
  • More halloween costume ideas. Schrutebucks for anyone who can pull off a Bender costume with a Brewer jersey in a couple of weeks. [Mental Floss]


The Silent Jay McClement for Selke campaign now has a video to get behind! Kudos to RealBadRobot on this one. Link is here in case the embed fails me.


Open Thread:

Fuck the Hawks. Discuss 


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