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Saturday Links: Welcome back, Theodore Edition

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Thank God we got the "Halak version" of the former Habs  backup. That is to say, we got the goalie that isn't about to blow out, right, as opposed to the Wild?



Blues Links:

  • Nikita Nikitin broke his wrist and will be out 4 weeks at least. You knew this already. [STLToday]


NHL Ninks:

  • The FA Netminder market begins to thin itself out as Josh Harding is replaced by Jose Theodore. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Boyes haters: Puck Daddy has your back as far as least valuable forwards go [Puck Daddy]
  • Photoshop lovers: Puck Daddy has your back, as well. Although I dare any of you to beat Breibird's submission. [Puck Daddy]
  • Nazem Kadri: Not so much, this season, according to Ron Wilson. [TSN]
  • And the Wings/Hawks might be recording a new crowd as well, y'know [TSN]

Other Links:

Oregon Trail tends to do this to you [CollegeHumor]

Failed assassination plots [Cracked]



When the editor mails a video of someone copping a feel, you post a video of someone copping a feel. Thanks, Gallagher.

See y'all on Sunday.


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