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Hawks Suck @ Blues GDT

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While the Hawks sit atop the Central Division, it's because they've played the most games. And they've gotten seven goals from Marian Hossa and six from Patrick Sharp. They don't even miss Chris Versteeg. Today. It will be interesting to see if they can make it through the season without any injuries. Depth could be a problem over the course of a long season. That and Marty Turco is their starting goaltender. Dude is playing out of his head right now and he's doing it age 35.

Now in his 10th season in the league, Turco has posted a 4-1-1 record and played in six of the Hawks' first eight games. His 92.9 save percentage would be the second highest of his career. It will be interesting if he can keep close to that number considering the Hawks are allowing more than 35 shots a game to the opposition. That works perfectly for the Blues who are averaging more than 38 shots a game, the most in the NHL so far this young season. Backup Corey Crawford is allowing more than three goals a game right now, so the Hawks might be reluctant to pace Turco even though he could probably use some time off if they thing a playoff run is in their future.

Joel Quenneville is in his 13th season as an NHL head coach. You might remember he got his start here. After he was fired during the 2003-04 season, he went to Colorado after the lockout and then to Chicago after three seasons in Colorado. In the 12 seasons before this, only once did his team not make the playoffs (the Blues team that he was fired from still made it and he coached more than half the season so it counts). His teams have only lost in the first round three times - all in St. Louis. In other words he's seen the second round eight of his twelve seasons in the NHL. That's fucking great. Unfortunately his legacy in St. Louis will be the President's Trophy team that lost in the first round to San Jose. And that he guided the fucking Hawks to a Stanley Cup. So it's more than bittersweet to see him on the Chicago bench, especially when he's been joined by the guy who replaced him in St. Louis, Mike Kitchen. They shared a pointed comment after the overtime win Monday night against the Blues. You think they want to win tonight?

Listen Blues fans. This game isn't the end-all, be-all game. It just feels that way. What's this team made of? How much has this team grown up? Is the fire there? Do they have the killer instinct? Strap in and find out.

This is your Game Day Thread. Treat it like it owes you money.