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Reveling In Victory, Still Taking Shots At Crosby

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Last week the Blues played Monday, Friday and Saturday. This week they play Thursday and Saturday. Next week they play...Thursday and Saturday. Seems like it would be really hard to get in a rhythm. That's a lot of skating at practice between Games. They only play nine games in the month of October. To compare, the Blackhawks have 13 this month.

So instead of sitting around talking about how great Jay McClement is and how he should get some postseason hardware (even though he should), we might as well dwell on the awesome weekend sweep of Chicago and Pittsburgh. You may have heard we do a game-day magazine/paper/program/whatever you want to call it for every Blues home game. In it, we ran a top 11 list about a certain captain from Pittsburgh. Average Joe gets the primary assist for this one. Call it our little ode to a supremely talented player with a whiny ass mouth.

Top 11 Things Sidney Crosby Complains About

11. Brent Johnson is the best goaltender on his team.

10. Ovechkin has more Facebook friends. And real ones too.

 9. Bettman uses his teeth.

 8. Having Chris Kunitz and Pascal Dupuis  as his linemates.

 7. The NHL keeps making him play outside. He chaps his lips outside.

 6. His name on the Stanley Cup isn't in a bigger font.

 5. Pierre McGuire won't stop calling or texting. No matter how many times he changes his number.

 4. He only got one gold medal.

 3. Is getting the primary assist when he scores a goal too much to ask?

 2. His home games are in Pittsburgh.

 1. Knowing no matter what he does, he'll only be the second best Penguin ever.

Any other suggestions, add in the comments. And we promise Tuesday to stop writing about the weekend. Probably.