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Thursday links: Ready to take on Nashville edition

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Blues news

  • Roman Polak is going to be indefinitely. This is a loss, but if there's one thing the Blues have, it's defensive depth. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • From UIWWildthing: Cam Janssen is back. Brad Winchester, you're on notice. [Blues]
  • Barret Jackman and Eric Brewer are getting praise. See, everyone loves a nice start. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Rumor time: The Blues may be shopping David Backes. Wonder why (see the next link).[Sports Haze]
  • Backes and the Blues have put a hold on contract negotiations. [ESPN]

Hockey news

  • Reader Steve is a big fan of Wayne Gretzky. [Associated Content]
  • The Thrashers just happen to have a lot of black players, and it's not a bad thing. [Puck Daddy]
  • Milan Hejduk has still got it. [Mile High Hockey]
  • Stats don't always tell the whole story. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • The Central Division is ridiculously talented. [On the Forecheck]
  • The NHL and the zebras have a new contract. [TSN]
  • Leafs' forward Colby Armstrong is having finger surgery. He's gonna miss some time. [TSN]
  • Avalanche goalie and ice girl fan Craig Anderson is out with a knee injury. [TSN]

Other links

  • This website is devoted to making every movie end like an artsy movie. [Art Film Ending]
  • A flowchart to help you explain the internet to a time traveler from the 19th century. Who knows, this may be helpful. [Fast Company]
  • A site with a mission: Collect the best old-school frat boy pics. [Classic Frat Bros]


From hatrk219: Carving pumpkins just got real.

gametimelinks(at) Road music will be up later.