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Saturday Links: No longer planning on egging Fox Sports or Dish Network edition

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Good for them. Although now I'm not sure how to distribute all the eggs I bought. Hey Gallagher, any chance I can pry Tim Peel's address out of you?

Blues News:

  • 7PM puck drop. Be there. [Post-Dispatch]
  • All the info on the Halloween festivities can be found here. [Blues]
  • The madness is over: Fox Sports and Dish Network figured shit out. [Yahoo! Finance]
  • Brad Flick with your Thrashers starting netminder: Ondrej Pavelec. No Mason reunion or soft goals for us. [ESPN]
  • Bernie Miklasz gives the Blues some love. [Post-Dispatch]
  • On the Forecheck analyzes a bad play by Shea Weber, which led to Bergie's goal the other night. [On the Forecheck]

NHL News:

  • More on enhancing experiences (not that kind) from Dominik. Show the damn replay! [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Mike Chen at From the Rink wants to penalize bad fans. Seems reasonable. [From the Rink]
  • Graham James, the man who allegedly assaulted Theo Fleury and Sheldon Kennedy, surrendered to authorities at the airport. [ESPN]
  • Fight video! Matt Cooke dares to dance with Mike Richards. FIGHTERSHIP! [Puck Daddy]
  • Mark Giordano is getting paid to stay in Calgary. [TSN]
  • Scores. [TSN]

Other Stuff:

  • A guide to kicking ass a 10 year old. [Cracked]
  • If Halloween with the Blues Brothers is wrong, or illegal in this case, I don't want to be right. [Smosh]
  • I wonder what other kinds of candy look like on the inside. [TheChive]
  • My all-time favorite video game series, Metal Gear Solid, has some Facebook updates. [Dorkly]


Campaign smear ads have been going on for centuries. And do not take this as an invite to turn the comment section into a political free-for-all.

See you folks tomorrow. Or at the game. Whenever.

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