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Atlanta Hawks @ Blues GDT

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No, it's not an NBA game tonight. We just figured with the number of former Blackhawks on the Atlanta Thrashers, it would be fitting. It's too bad for the fans in Atlanta that they didn't acquire the good Blackhawks.

So you'll probably remember the starting goaltender for the Thrashers, a bald-headed, goofy-looking motherfucker who we used to really like around here. Chris Mason was left pretty much in the cold when he hit free agency July after the Blues traded for Halak out of nowhere. Did he deserve better from this organization after he put the team on his back in 2008-09 and took the fans on a wild ride down the stretch and into the playoffs? Probably. Do you think anyone in St. Louis has any regrets so far? Fuck no. I'm sure Gallagher will talk about it somewhere in this paper, but the Chris Mason Soft Goal of the Game drove him batty. I could share text messages and e-mails from all last season where the guy who runs this thing was slowly losing his mind thanks to Mason giving up bad goals at the worst times of games. And wouldn't you know it, he did it last night against Buffalo, blowing a regulation win by allowing a goal with under 10 seconds to play in the game. Oops. The Thrashers did pull it out in overtime.

I'm not saying the Thrashers are going to suck this year, but two of their top three scorers right now are defensemen. That's not exactly a recipe for long term success. The Thrashers have household names Andrew Ladd, Anthony Stewart, Rich Peverley, Chris Thorburn and Alexander Burmistrov playing big roles. Dustin Byfuglien, Ben Eager, Brent Sopel and Ladd all from Chicago. Hyped high draft pick Zach Bogosian has only played four games out of his team's 10. Sounds like a contender to me.

After a light schedule in October, the Blues have 14 games in November after just nine in October. Of those 14, only five are here at home. Tonight would be a nice game to put on the right side of the ledger to keep that momentum going before the schedule gets tougher with a home game against San Jose on Thursday and then a stretch of six road games with one home game in between.

This is your game day thread. Pretend it's a divisional game and go to work.