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Jay McClement Burns Down Atlanta

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Let's get the non-Jay McClement news out of the way first: Brad Boyes and T.J. Oshie scored some sick shootout goals to seal tonight's victory and Jaroslav Halak is apparently such a good goalie that he actually prevents opposing players from getting their shots off in the SO. Also, Eric Brewer ought to take the baseball swing to hit a bouncing puck play out of his programming.

Now, on to the first star of the game tonight. Silent Jay McClement, Game Time's official nominee for Selke Trophy consideration this year, scored all three regulation goals by banking a puck in off his prone body, tapping in one from about seven inches out and tipping one out of mid-air. Touch the puck with your stick twice, only one on an actual shot and score three goals? Number 18 might just be a magician.

In other, more traditional Jay McClement news, tonight he spent 5:09 on the penalty kill, won six of eight faceoffs he took in the defensive zone, blocked two shots, finished plus-3, was named the game's first star and now has the right to pick my hat out of the pile they scraped off the ice as a souvenir of his first career hat trick.

Here's Jay's non-Silent post-game interview. What do you know, it's been a while since his last hat trick....