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Join The Game Time Social Media Army

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It's no secret here at Game Time that we have an army of commenters who are active participants in what we do every day here at this wacky world we've created. Continually Gallagher and I will ask each other, "How did we get here?"

Our Vote Jay McClement for Selke Trophy campaign (we are working hard today to have several hundred campaign posters for the home opener) is just the one example of how we want to be more proactive with this community we've built. We know our voice is heard in the Blues front office, in the stands, in the media and in the dressing room. With that kind of reach, you know we can't leave that alone.

But a big part of getting our message out is through social media. Twitter is a game changer. Facebook is a unifier. All that stuff. But we can't do it alone because we don't have the time to have jobs, families, write, eat, shower, sleep AND stir shit up with social media. It's impossible. That's why today we're putting out an open call to join the St. Louis Game Time Social Media Army. The SMA for short.

When you join up for the SMA, you agree to become a faceless agent of mayhem as well as a fully recognized Game Time soldier. Part of it will be doing the inner workings for the Game Time Facebook page and getting our Twitter out there and part of it will be using your accounts to push stuff out into the world. So there are chances to be part of the anonymous collective reaping the fame of the GT brand and to become semi-famous on a regional basis, all the same time.

To give you an idea of where the SMA comes in, with the Silent Jay for JSelke we need to compile a list of twitter accounts for writers and broadcasters for each team. That way on game days we can start pumping up McClement's defensive reputation through Twitter. Every person we get to at least think about that angle of his game and his importance to the Blues is another brick in the foundation of what we're building. We need help with the hunting/gathering as well as pushing the message out through our Twitter and then all the SMAs' Twitters. See how that works?

You like Twitter? Cool. You like Facebook? Sweet. You post stuff to Youtube? Awesome. You use social media platforms I don't even know about but will be the next big thing in about 90 minutes? Even better. If you fit any of those descriptions, e-mail me at gtbradlee at We need your help.