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F-You Friday: Home Opener Eve Edition

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We've got a ton of things brewing, so this is popping up late. But we figured we can't start the season without a few fuck yous.

One side not, in a hidden room not too far from where I'm typing this entry, hundreds of Jay McClement for Selke posters are printing for the game tomorrow. It's a covert operation under the cover of darkness so make sure you get one Saturday. We'll have them with our paper vendors and a few of our "elves" will be distributing around the pre-game festivities. No, I'm not drunk or making this up, but gallagher is driving two blocks for tall boys while these motherfuckers print.

Now back to our regularly scheduled F-U Friday.

- Fuck scary moments like goaltenders collapsing during games while action is happening at the other end of the ice. We mean that in a positive way in that who needs that kind of drama, ever. Thankfully Ondrej Pavelec is alert and by all signs fine, thank God.

- Fuck you Mike Modano and your Geritol ass for scoring in a Red Wings victory. Do I need to say Fuck Detroit. Yes, yes I do.

- Fuck Detroit.

- Even though it doesn't affect any Blues fans for the most part, fuck those games in Europe. As the Blues and Andy Murray can attest, it usually doesn't turn out very well.

- And finally, fuck you clock. I like the weekend to drag on, but not when hockey here in St. Louis is Saturday and not Friday.

Gotta go check the printer. And drink my beer. Shit this is fun.