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Quick Advertisement For Game Time Magazine

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In this day and age where the Internet is the place to be, we still have one foot in the old media realm with an actual paper product that is almost entirely different than what you read on this website.

St. Louis Game Time, the magazine, was started in November 2005. That's nearly five years ago. We sell it outside every home game in a few places (outside the parking garage attached to the stadium, inside the garage, at 14th and Clark next to the City Hall parking lot and where the stadium meets the Kiel Opera House (Peabody Opera House now, I guess). But you don't have to go to the game to enjoy our fabulous wit and analysis. You can subscribe for half the price.

For just $2 an issue (a bargain), you will get an email in the afternoon with a PDF of the paper. You can even print it out and put it in a binder like one of our link masters. It's great if you're out of town but want to see what's really going on with the team.

How do you sign up? Thanks for asking. Email Gallagher at It's just that simple. The first edition went out mid-day today.